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Updating for new art additions! Please be sure to check them out! <3

Wow, what a great day today was! I got so many wonderful gifts, both online and off! You all made such beautiful art for me that I just have to share it with everyone. So here goes:

Ozriel Birthday by shadow2k  A lovely birthday Ozriel by :iconshadow2k:
[BD Gift] Summer-Peaches's Ignis by moonmute  A super cute Ignis by :iconmoonmute:
 Space Peach by The-Almighty-Muffin  A galactic space peach! by :iconthe-almighty-muffin:
peach by tiecora  A cute little royal peach! by :icontiecora:

There once was a goat,
Who knew how to float,
He’d sit on his sombrero,
Float down the river so narrow,
He didn’t even need a boat.
One day when he got to land,
And he was walking along the sand,
Up came a rat,
Who stole his hat,
This wasn’t going as planned.
The rat ran with the hat,
Until it tripped on a cat,
The cat ate the rat,
Mmm it was fat,
But the goat did not stay to chat.
The goat grabbed his hat and ran away,
And there he did not stay,
He had his hat,
Got it back from the rat,
And now everything was okay.
We’ll keep waiting for it to happen.
But will it ever happen?
Slowly, then at all at once.
Generations, and thousands of people, wait.
For change.
They wait.
They wait, as if change will happen itself.
They want things to change but they don’t try.
If they care so much, why don’t they do something.
Change will not ha
  Two incredible poems by :iconamber-kat:

Happy Birthday, Summer-Peaches! by a-paranoid-android  An adorable movie night between Jewel and Mallie by :icona-paranoid-android:
Is this right? (Birthday Picture for Achille) by Vivyi  Another gorgeous Mallie and Jewel by :iconvivyi:
Chibi Ignis by AltairSky  A precious, tiny Ignis by :iconaltairsky:

Ozriel by MajikkanBeingsUnite a beautifully stunning Ozriel by :iconmajikkanbeingsunite:

Gift - Ignis by DaErkka a super cute and pouty Ignis by :icondaerkka:

Bellan fanart by missmagicgirl  an incredible traditionally done Bellan by :iconmissmagicgirl:
 Happy Peachy Birthday by Obelis

 And a wonderful movie about friendship featuring both my characters and me by :iconobelis:

Thank you guys so much! I appreciate every gift and every birthday message more than I can ever say! I got over 10 pages of birthday wishes today, and that means so much to me. I love you all! Thank you for making this one so special! Heart Hug 
kinda seems more like college though...

tagged by :iconamber-kat:

0) -insert the names of who is doing this meme 

1. :iconspectralheart:
2. :iconrinny--kins:
3. :icontiecora:
4. :iconamber-kat:
5. :iconobelis:
6. :iconthe-almighty-muffin:
7. :iconthe-weird-fangirl:
8. :iconmissmagicgirl:
9. :iconmoonmute:
10. :iconifdeathhadacat:

1) 9, 4 and you are in one dorm room. How do you react?
Dorm? Isn't this high school . . . Moon and Amber, I guess we could just draw :D

2) 7 wants to see how much progress you've made unpacking.  What do they see when they open the door?
UNPACKING WHAT?? I am confused. She will see me staring blankly at nothing, wondering what I am supposed to be unpacking.

3) You first class is biology and you sit beside 2 who forgot the text books. How does the class go?

4) You need help with physics, so you ask 1. How does 1 help you?
Inspectral, I don't mean to be insulting. I am sure you are very intelligent at physics, but if I am in the position where a young person like you has to teach me physics, my life is not going the direction I want it to go.

5) Lunch time! You sit on a table with 3,5, and 8. What are you talking about?
Hmm tiecora, Obelis, and Magic . . . I guess we could all talk about art? Or you could all teach me about Europe? :XD: 

6) 6 tries to steal lunch from 8. What happens?
Aww Muffin wouldn't steal. No worries, Magic. Unless of course you are eating muffins . . . @_@

7) Your P.E. teacher told you to do warm ups with 10, when a fight break out between 4 and 5) What is the reason for it? And what do you two do about it?
A warm up? Madelon, I am terrible at gym, so you will have to do it for me :lol:
NO, AMBER AND OBELIS, DON'T FIGHT. I will protect Amber. Obelis is scary :lol:

8) The first school day is done. You are tired, aren't you? 1 asks you if you want to go with him/her for a coffee? How does he/she ask you and what do you say?
I hate coffee and you are too young to drink it, according to yourself. 

9) You woke up in the night and see 7 about to play a prank on 4. What do you do?
I'd just watch and laugh :XD:

10) Oh no! A few days later you lost a bet, now you have to write a smutty story about 2 and 9. What do you write?
I'm pretty sure Rinny and Moon don't know each other, so that would be very awkward :lol:

11)There is a party and you see 6 and 8 dance. What do you think?
A friendly dance it would be! :3

12) You drank too much alcohol and got drunk. 3 helps you to bed. How does 3 do it?
Tiecora would probably just smack me over the head :XD:

13) You wake up to find 1 sleeping beside you. Your reaction?
Nope, nope. I'm changing this. She is in a sleeping bag on the floor because she had to stay over because the weather is bad or something. 

14) 3 is sorry about what happened. How does 3 make up to you?
There is no forgiving the tiecora @_@

15)Oh no! 10 found the story about 2 and 9 you wrote. What does 10 do?
She'd probably wonder what was wrong with me :')

16) You are in the library and finds 2,7,8 whispering in a hurry. They look like they are discussing something important. You move a bit near to them what do you hear? 
Knowing those three, it could be absolutely anything. And since they don't know each other, who knows what they would talk about! :XD:

17) 9 tells you a gossip that 5 and 6 were seen making out. What do you think about it?
...would 5 and 6 make out
No Stare Absolutely not. Because Muffin is far too young for that.

18)Lucky! You found a cupcake standing lonely on a table. You eat it. 10 sees you eating it. What does 10 tell you?
I'd break some off for you, Madelon! La la la la 

19)You were poisoned to death. You wake up. Ah, the cupcake was just a bad dream! You decide to go to 5 room for comfort and find them playing spin the bottle. You walk in as 6 had to kiss 10. 

I go to Obelis for comfort. :| (Blank Stare) 
Again, Muffin is far too young for that Stare Why is this trying to make Muffin kiss everybody? Crying 

20) Too late! You were pulled into the game. Now 5 and you have to kiss. Uh-oh!
Kiss Here's a kiss for you, my love! 

21) 8 just took a picture of the kiss and tossed the camera to 2 and 2 runs away with it. Why do you think they did it?
Because that is something Rinny would do :XD:

22) 9 and you were going to your room talking about the hard exam when you open the door to find 1 and 7 on your bed....What do you think happened and what are the reaction of you and 9?
They were discussing fandoms, of course :lol: Moon and I just laugh :XD:

23) 3 decided to tag two people to do this meme, what do you tell 3?
Tag everyone! :D
Normally I make chapters 25 pages, but I realized last night that there is just NO WAY I can fit the current chapter into just 25. (I mean, they haven't even gotten to the concert yet!) Perhaps I'll double up and make it 50, maybe shorter. But a lot needs to happen this chapter, so expect chapters to start getting longer :aww:

Also, you thought Ignis was a dark character? You have not even met the darkest character yet, so prepare yourselves Stare 

And if you're new, check out the comic here! La la la la The Great Guardian Ozriel Page 1

ALSO, I am taking a brief break from the Q and As, but I promise I will finish them up and get every question answered ;D

Here they are! All the questions to me answered. You probably deserve a prize if you actually read all of this :lol: Enjoy, and thanks for asking!

If you don't see your question here, it was a bit too personal for me haha :XD: Sorry!! ^^;

Art Related Questions

1. What are non-canon ships including your characters that you ship?

Well, it changes depending on how I feel. And I definitely don’t let any non-canon ships influence who will ultimately end up with whom, as that has already been decided. Sometimes I ship Ignis and Jaydax, sometimes Ignis and Allenova. Probably everyone has been shipped with everyone at some point, honestly :’)

2. What other stories have influenced you into making your own stories?

Avatar The Last Airbender and Steven Universe are two good inspirations, although I wouldn’t exactly say influences. I have always wanted to make stories, and I have always been making stories. Even before I knew that other people did. It has just always been a part of me.


3. Favorite of your own characters?

Of the characters you guys are familiar with, Ignis.


4. Do you already have an ending planned out for your comic or do you draw as you go and let it go its natural course?

Sort of both. I have the ultimate ending planned. I know exactly what I want to happen. How I get there is what changes. I don’t write scripts or plan anything in between pages. I literally just sit down and draw whatever comes to my mind at the moment, and I’m confident that it will all lead me to the ending I want somehow.


5. How many hours a week do you dedicate to drawing?

Not that many, unfortunately. I usually try to draw a bunch of things in like an hour and a half one night, but then I won’t get to draw again for a while. So it just depends. Especially if I have a lot of homework.


6. How much time do you spend on dA each week?

dA is a great way to multitask. I use mobile a lot, so most of the time you hear from me, it’s probably on there. I do my homework at the same time.


7. What do you find the hardest about art, and how do you improve on it?

To be honest, I don’t think of art as “hard.” Sure, I could say like drawing hands or something, but that’s silly to me. It’s just fun. I see it all as fun, even the things I can’t draw as well. I also don’t have any advice for improvement besides to just keep drawing. I don’t think about improvement very much, as bad as that sounds. I just don’t care. I like to draw.


8. How many ocs do you have so far?(just make a guess if you dont know) how many comic pages you have, including the Great Guardian Ozriel and other comics

Oh, it’s got to be hundreds!

9. How tall exactly is each of your characters?

I don’t make up specific heights for any of my characters. I just compare them to each other. In order from tallest to shortest, Riner-Roza, Ozriel and Jaydax, Allenova, Ark, Mallie, Dean, Ignis. 

10. What was your biggest inspiration for Ignis?

I can’t name a specific inspiration for her other than that her character is absolutely necessary to the story.


 11. What are your long term goals with art?

To just keep having fun and drawing!

12. Would you trade your ability to do art for another skill?

Maybe singing.


13. What was your inspiration and how did you come up with your comic? 

Usually I get one little idea and everything blooms from there. For example, with this comic, I originally just had the idea that I wanted a character who could control ink. Everything else grew from there.


14. Do you have any inspirations for your work? I find I get inspired to draw from some serious things and some weird things myself.

Everything can be an inspiration, music, people, TV, whatever. With this comic, I just let it all come to me as it does. This it the most unscripted thing I have ever done. I think it’s great to draw from both serious parts of your life and weird ones!


15. If you had to choose, which character of yours would you marry and why?

Hmm from this comic? Jaydax is too much like me, Mallie is too grumpy, Ignis would probably burn me to a crisp, Dean is too young, Ark is . . . well, Ark. And I think Allenova is a bit too wild for me xD I will marry Clover the dog.

 How different is Ozriel from Jaydax when he was intended to be the protagonist?

Very different! Jaydax was always intended to be darker and moodier than Ozriel. 

17. Are your characters inspired by some of your friends? (even slightly)

Most of them, no. Although a lot of my characters’ traits are inspired by different parts of me. Jewel (Mallie’s ex-girlfriend who has not yet appeared in the comic) was inspired by one of my best friends, though, who is often homeless.


Personal Questions

1. Is there anything you like despite it being bad for you?

Oh yes, lots of things. Like soda. I love soda so much even though it’s absolutely terrible for you. Food is my ultimate weakness!


2. Do you like any particular video games?

I’m not much of a gamer. I’ve always just really liked the Mario games. I’ve played like all of the Mario games almost!


3. How tall are you? And do you consider yourself to be too tall/short?

Ah! You hit my weak spot with this question. I definitely consider myself too “something.” And I hate it because I’ve always stood out because of it.


4. Why do you hate your face?

Ha! The reason I cover up my face in drawings is not that I hate my face. I’m just a shy and private person. I always have been. I think my face is rather ordinary. Although I do hate the scar on my face. I will Photoshop that out of pictures, if I have to.


5. Favorite genre of story?

Hmm, I can read pretty much anything, honestly. I like magical realism a lot.

6. Favorite actor?

I don’t think I have a favorite. Sometimes I’ll see a movie where I think an actor does an amazing job and then I see him again in something else, and I’m like… “what happened?” It’s hard to find someone consistently amazing, in my opinion.

7. Name one of your favorite books.

100 Years of Solitude is my all time favorite book. I’ll also be a Harry Potter nerd for life.


8. Favorite Queen songs?



I honestly cannot resist singing that every time I hear it.

9. What’s your favorite villain/antagonist from anything?


10. Have you ever played D&D?

I-I don’t even know what that is . . . @_@


11. Favorite superhero?


12. Longest you’ve had your hair?

Way too long. Don’t judge. Stare I often forget to go get it cut. 


13. How on earth do you make peace within a big group of fighting people?

Honestly, there’s only so much one person can do if the other people refuse to listen. If they take your advice, that’s great, but you can’t always make someone feel the way you want them to. The good thing about fights is that most people usually just get bored and move on. Fighting is pointless.


14. What is your favorite color?

Lavender. Purple reminds me of my grandmother, and I miss her very much. Heart 


15. What’s your favorite fruit?

Apples! *gasp* No, not peaches ahaha


16 and 17. What kind of duck do you want and where did this fascination with ducks come from?

What made you first interested in ducks?

I will honestly accept any sort of duck into my life because I love them all ;__; I thought a lot about this question . . . I tend to get obsessed with animals for different periods of time. Actually, ducks are not my only animal obsession. I don’t really know when or why these obsessions come up. Usually I’ll just see like one cute picture and that’s enough.


18. Where did you get your bag?

One day the gods told me that they were going to gift me extreme attractiveness, but the price was that I had to wear a bag on the head for the rest of my life.Ashamed 


Ha! Really I just couldn’t think of another way to hide my face in my drawings besides a bag. :XD:

19. Where would you like to travel in the world?

I would love to go see some tropical islands! I love hot weather and beaches!


20. What’s a good pizza topping you like?

I’m pretty boring with pizza. I only like the standards like green peppers, olives, onions, and EXTRA CHEESE!


21. Do you hide your face because you’re too beautiful or too cute?

Psshhhhhhht, neither xD I’m just ordinary looking and shy!


22. Have you eaten a duck?

……….yes, yes, I have. This is my biggest regret in life. No, I disagree! THEY KNOW.


23. How long is your hair?

Blugh, I hate my hair right now. It’s just shaggy and all over the place. It’s so wild. I just look like a big hairball.

24. What was the most annoying book you have ever read?

Atlas Shrugged by Ayn Rand. I hate that book so much Stare 

25. How long do you prefer your winter shoes to be?

Not too long! I like my shoes to be easy to get on and off because I am a lazy peach, you see.


26. Are you ever planning to travel the world, and if yes, what countries are you planning to visit?

Yes, I would love to travel the world! Italy comes to mind, as well as pretty much anywhere tropical. I’d like to go to some more places in the US as well.


27. What was the very first pet you have ever had?

I’ve had cats for about as long as I can remember, so probably a gray tabby cat that used to come to my porch. The first “official” pet I had was a beautiful Labrador Retriever. Heart 

28. What's the weirdest thing you've ever eaten?

I don’t think I’ve eaten anything too weird? I’m a really picky eater. One time I made a mud pie when I was little and put crabapples in it, and I ate that. It tasted absolutely horrible.

29. Do you even Anime? WHO'S YUR WAIFU?!

The only animes I have seen are Naruto, Death Note, and FMA. What does “waifu” mean? @_@

30. An army of Galactic Demon Ducks is threatening to conquer the Earth, you're our only hope! What do you do?

If I’m your only hope, I greatly apologize. Because I choose the ducks over humanity.

31. You may resurrect one dead celebrity & have dinner with them. Who do you pick and why? It can be anyone from history from Genghis Khan to Prince.

I’m not going to admit my first choice, so I’m going with my second. Shakespeare! I’ve got a lot to ask that guy.

32. If vegetable suddenly became sentient, which species do you think would have the best chance of conquering the Earth? (Potatoes, carrots, etc.)

Do potatoes count as vegetables, actually? If they do, definitely potatoes. Pretty much everyone likes them so they could bring us down easily.


33. Have you ever owned a duckling?

No, unfortunately ;__;

34. If you won the lottery, what would you do with the money other than duck related things?

Are there other things besides duck related things? @_@ Just kidding. I would make sure my parents could finally retire and move into a new house.

35. If you could have any power what would it be?

Teleportation! Imagine how convenient that would be.

36. Coffee or Tea?
Ew! Neither!

37. Donald Duck or Daffy Duck?

Daffy all the way!

38. How old are you?
20, about to turn 21 in less than a month ;D

39. Do you remember your fondest child memory?

Going to the beach with my family every summer :’)

40. What are your Top 5 favorite movies?

Hmm, I don’t think I’ve ever really thought about it. I like animated movies, but I also like action movies. That being said, I don’t consider myself a movie fanatic because they’re too long for my short attention span.

41. Who is your favorite character in all of fiction?!?!

Wow, that’s a big question. I can’t choose just one. From more literary things, I like Shakespeare’s Falstaff a lot and Atticus from To Kill a Mockingbird. In terms of more fun stuff, I like Peridot from Steven Universe. Gah, there’s so many from cartoons and stuff… haha


42. What is your favorite music except for Abba?  

Rolling stones!


43. What is your dream job? 

To be a writer


44. Who is your OTP? 

:iconifdeathhadacat: and Martin <3

45. When will you come to Sweden?

As soon as I get enough money, expect me there ;D

46. Which season do you prefer?

Summer! I love the heat.

47. Have you ever ridden a horse?

No, but I have sat on one.

48. Which color of eye do you prefer?

I love dark eyes and green eyes . . . ugh, so attractive.

49. What is the object you don't want to lose (or break) the most?
I can’t pick just one. One thing that comes to mind is a Christmas ornament I bought for my mom when I was like 10 years old. I saved up all my money for it and was so proud of it, and she has used it as the tree topper every year since :’)

50. What kind of poetry are you most passionate about? 

Any poetry that makes you think, no matter what it’s about. Even a poem about something as mundane as a leaf can change your views somehow.

51. Have you ever read an LGBT novel or a novel about characters of minority? 

I can’t think of a novel that was specifically all LGBT, but of course ones with minority characters before. LOTS of books like that!

52. What is your favorite bedtime story as a kid?

I don’t recall ever being told bedtime stories, really. My sister and I used to read books together. She would read one chapter and I would read another, but I don’t remember my parents telling me stories.


53. How do you eat apples: do you cut them in halves, or do you eat them without cutting?

I have done both, but normally I just bite into them.


54. Are you taking classes?

Yes! I am a full time student.


55. How many planets have you been to?

All of them @_@


56. Have you ever cosplayed?

No, unfortunately.


 57. Would you rather receive a huge crate of peaches or a huge crate of ducklings?

While my instinct is to immediately scream “DUCKLINGS,” I feel like the peaches would be easier to sell. If I couldn’t find homes for all the ducklings, I’d feel terrible ;__;


 58. Do you have any ships of fictional characters that seem weird, but you like anyway?

I honestly cannot think of a single one for this.

59. If you could turn your life into an anime, what kind of anime would it be?

Definitely not one of those horribly dark ones! Are there like silly, cute animes? No WAIT. A romance anime. Definitely this. A romance anime. I want to be the cool, attractive person absolutely everyone falls in love with.

60. What is the best turtle? Sea turtles, land turtles or candy turtles?

Sea turtles are adorable! But then again, all turtles are adorable. And jeez, candy turtles are amazingly good too . . .

61. If Summer-Peaches is your username, what would you say your anti-self's username would be?
Winter-Apple, although my alter ego is Were-Peach

62. What's the most dark/disturbing thing you can think of?

Ummm haha I can think of plenty of disturbing things, but I definitely will not write them out! D:

63. What the happiest/fluffy-rainbow-lollypopest thing you can think of?

A tiny duckling sitting on top of a tiny kitten’s head as the kitten runs down a rainbow and lands in a cloth basket filled with yarn and feathers.

64. Can you think of a way to put those two things together?

Something horrible came to mind @_@

65. What do you think these words make you think of?: Fubblebubblemcgufferbutt, tushploof, Usef Glarwhip.
I thought of a Leprechaun for some reason

66. If you could swap the scents of a food and a flower, what would pick?

I would make cheese smell like roses because cheese stinks but I love it, and it doesn’t really matter if roses smell like cheese because I’m allergic to them anyway

67. Which one would you like to time-travel to the most? The 10's, 20's, 30's, 40's, 50's, 60's, 70's, 80's or the 90's?
I guess the 70s or 80s!

68. Two young woman are sitting next to each other on a park bench. They both look identical to each other, from their clothing to their body type. They also share the same birthday, however, these two young woman are not twins? Can you explain this?

One is sitting next to a mirror? Haha. Is this an actual riddle or was I supposed to make up a story? :XD:


69. What is the craziest Halloween mask you have ever worn?

I actually only wore a mask one year. It was of a demon/ghoul/generic mask, and it was impossible to breathe.

70. In how many languages can you say "I love you"?

Only 3, I think.

71. What was the funniest homework you ever got at college?

Our creative writing exercises are funny, but they’re not homework. We just do them at the start of class, like writing fake dating profiles and lists of things we’re obsessed with.

72. Do you wear glasses?

Sometimes! I do at night when I'm doing my homework.

73. Have you ever gone fishing?

No, and I don’t want to.

74. Who was the worst person you have personally known?

Hmm, that's a tough one. Probably some professors I have had. Or a neighbor I had who used to torture our cats. 

75. Who in your family do you have the closest relationship with?

Definitely, definitely my sister. She knows me better than anyone on Earth. I think sometimes that she is the only person who really knows the real me.

76. How far have you gone with someone romantically?

Now, now, now, I am far too old-fashioned to answer this. Flirtatious 

77. What qualities do you most admire in another person?

Kindness, compassion, generosity, empathy, creativity, humor, intelligence, and ambition. And being laidback is important too. Stressful people stress me out.

78. Why does peach want to learn welsh?

Why WOULDN’T I want to learn Welsh??

79. What are your thoughts on the current socio-political state of Scotland? I expect a doctoral thesis by the end of the weekend.

Um, um, um . . . @_@ 


80. What’s your favorite igneous rock?

Obsidian! ;D


81. How many countries’ presidents names do you know?

Oh man, I think like only five or six . . . Isn’t that terrible??? Hahaha xD


82. What do you think about thunderstorms?
I hate them.

83. When was the last time you ate pancakes?

I don’t remember. I like waffles a lot better!

84. Which color horses are the prettiest?

White, or that pretty reddish auburn color 

85. When was the last time you went on a date?

Too long ago :’)

86. Are there any languages you are seriously attempting to learn

Right now I’m just letting some friends on dA teach me various phrases in different languages ^^

There you go! Hope you had fun reading, and feel free to do this too! :D

questions closed

Well, everyone else is doing it, so I'm going to be that annoying one who just gives into peer pressure. 

ASK ME THINGS (if you want) And ask them before Friday, because then I will answer everything in a journal ;D Ask however many questions you want ^^

Also, if you ask stuff that is too personal, expect a silly answer =P (Razz) I am a rather private person, after all.

Ask away! And have fun :aww: 
(also, do this too if you want! :D)

1.) Grab the book nearest to you, turn to page 18, and find line 4.

 “What are you doin out of school today?” – Cormac McCarthy 

2.) Stretch your left arm out as far as you can. What can you reach?

 The stool next to me and that’s it. 

3.) What is the last thing you watched on TV?

We watched a documentary today in class. Does that count?

4.) Without looking guess what time it is?


5.) Now look at the clock. What is the actual time?


6.) With the exception of the computer, what can you hear?

 Kitchen noises, like the microwave and sizzling porkchops. 

7.) When did you last step outside? What were you doing?

A few minutes ago I stepped out of the car to come inside.

8.) Before you started this survey, what did you look at?

Some other people’s posts.

9.) What are you wearing?

 Jeans, black tennis shoes, and a blue and white sweater. 

10.) Did you dream last night?

 Probably, but I don’t remember it!

11.) When did you last laugh?

A few minutes ago when I was telling someone about my day.

12.) What are on the walls of the room you are in?

 Just a bunch of paintings. 

13.) Seen anything weird lately?

 EVERYTHING I EVER SEE IS WEIRD. Especially the comments I was mentioned in today on dA!! D:

14.) What do you think of this quiz?

 It’s fun!

15.) What was the last film you saw?

That documentary in class.

16.) If you became a multi-millionaire overnight, what would you buy?


17.) Tell me something about you that I don't know?

I like to garden even though touching plants gives me hives :')

18.) If you could change one thing about the world. 

 I would get rid of evilness. 

19). What do you want to learn in the future?

 I want to learn how to scuba dive! I think that would be fun. SOMEONE TEACH ME!

20.) George Bush:

 Wat. Why this on here.

21.) Imagine your first child is a girl, what do you call her? 

 I have no ideas for a daughter’s name… 

22.) Imagine your first child is a boy, what do you call him?


23.) Would you ever consider living abroad?

Maybe someday! 

24.) What do you want God to say when you reach the pearly gates?

 Where my duck at. 
Me: *hands over duck*

25.) Tag six people who must also do this in THEIR journal:

 Ummm anyone!

 Use to randomize 12 of your friends and discover how they really feel about you.

1. Is secretly evil and probably plotting your demise :iconcoconutskull: I knew this fruit alliance could only last so long @_@...

2. Would make you chicken noodle soup when you are sick :iconspectralheart: Do I trust you near my soup?

3. Wants to be your best friend forever :iconr-doll: Aw yay!! I'll be your best friend Hug 

4. Secretly jealous of you :iconoracledk: Awwhahaha ain't nuthin' to be jealous of! :D

5. Secretly madly in love with you :iconvivyi: EVERY TIME. 

6. Crazy obsessive fangirl/boy who has a shrine dedicated to you in the closet :iconrinny--kins: .....@_@.....

7. Is secretly afraid of you :iconordeper: Mwuhahahaha EVIL Laughter! 

8. Is waiting for the right moment to betray you :icontiecora: This hurts my soul Waaaah! 

9. Actually has no idea who you even are :iconobelis: WHAT. Oh Noes! Stare 

10. Wants to get to know you better :iconsagetheinferno: Likewise! :D

11. Would leave you at the altar :iconshadow2k: Crying But the wedding was going to be so beautiful!

12. Knows more about you than you do :icona-humble-squirrel: Squirrels do know everything, after all.


13: Should have been tagged and is offended :iconamber-kat: :iconthe-almighty-muffin:

14. Is an idiot for not tagging them to begin with (loves all friends equally) :iconsummer-peaches:

I will always do these memes. I love the interactive memes.

1- Tell you something I learned about you by looking at your page for 10 seconds.

2- Tell you a colour you remind me of.

3- Tell you what element I believe you belong to (water, fire, air, etc.).

4- Tell you what OC(s) of yours is/are my favourite(s).

5- Ask you a question, and you must answer.

6- Tell you something I like about you.

7- Give you a nickname.

8- Tell you what am I doing right now.

9- Tell you what food/flavour/smell you remind me of.

10- Dare you to do one of these in your journal too, if you haven't already

Yes, I was actually tagged for this many many times and should have done it a loooonnng time ago. But I'm going to be honest with you. The reason I'm doing it now is not only that my weekend just started and I have time, but also because there is a question I really want to ask one of you but instead of just asking, I am relying on this convoluted meme in the hope that you will comment and I can "ask you a question and you must answer" for number five. Have fun! :D (that depressing feeling when that person doesn't even comment so now I will have to ask them like a normal human being instead of doing it meme style) 
"A VIRUS HAS SPREAD AROUND THE WORLD, MAKING THE DEAD PEOPLE RISE FROM THE DEAD. USE RANDOM.ORG TO CHOOSE YOUR TEAM! GOOD LUCK. Use to randomize 13 of your friends for this meme. Make sure to include yourself as well."

#1 The Sidekick: :iconamber-kat: You are very young so I will try my hardest to protect you @_@

#2 The Sniper: :iconsummer-peaches: Oh no. We're all doomed. 

#3 The One Who Loses It: :iconmrwolfeconcoctions: Do you think you'd lose it in a zombie apocalypse? :lol:

#4 The Brain: :iconifdeathhadacat: Save us with your intelligence! 

#5 The Born Leader Who Takes Charge: :iconordeper: LEAD US TO VICTORY! :XD:

#6 The Medic: :iconriphy: Do you know anything about medicine? haha I am counting on you!!

#7 The One Who Yells Vulgarities At The Zombies: :iconshadow2k: you seem too nice to yell at zombies...

#8 Weapon Expert: :iconobelis: Honestly I would fear you with weapons! :lol:

#9 Person Who Can't Have The Molotov: :iconspectralheart: Don't let Inspectral around the weaponry!! D:

#10 The Car Guy: :iconthe-almighty-muffin: hahaha know anything about cars? :lol:

#11 The Cheerleader: :icontiecora: aww this is a good one for you!! :aww:

#12 Everything Bad Happens To This One, But They Survive It All: :iconnyquildreamer: Sorry, bro ^^;

#13 The Idiot Who Somehow Manage To Survive: :iconrinny-kins: Nooo you're not an idiot!! hahaha

I tag EVERYONE! I like these interactive memes :D
First of all, thank you again to everyone has been supporting my comic and me and a big welcome to any newcomers! :D

And now it's time to get to know each other a little better (if you want). So come on, everyone, let's sit in a circle and hold hands! It's time time to share stories and talk about ourselves! not really, I always hated those activities in school

It's simple! Comment below and I will:

1. Ask you one question
2. Answer one question of yours

I'm looking forward to getting to know you all better :aww: And feel free to participate even if we know each other already La la la la 
1. Go to this website.

2.Pick 15 characters from any fandom or whatever you're into. So, obviously you are actually supposed to pick fictional characters, but I thought that might be kind of boring if you hadn't heard of the characters, so I AM PICKING YOU ALL INSTEAD! This is all for fun!

3. Tag five or more people. I just tag everyone.

4. Have fun!

My results:

1. Mom/Dad: :iconlostandfounding: HELLO, FATHER. 

2. Your Sibling: :iconamber-kat: I will try my hardest to be the best big sibling I can be! 

3. Your Grandpa/Grandma: :iconcall-me-cinder: Can you bake cookies?? Oh Noes! 

4. Haunts you :iconcarnivoroushorse: Why?? WHY Crying 

5. Your Boyfriend/Girlfriend: :iconinkspecter: On our first date, I demand that you buy me ice cream and then teach me all the things about art I don't know.

6. Your Ex: :iconmoonmute: Oh no! Well, we can still be friends :D (Big Grin) 

7. Your Best Friend: :iconifdeathhadacat: HECK YES!!! La la la la This one makes me so happy! 

8. Proposed to you: :iconmissmagicgirl: Hmm I don't think Prim will like the attention off of her... :o

9. Your Boss: :iconspectralheart: I would be very impressed if someone so young could become my boss. Either you are incredibly talented or I am very incompetent. 

10. The random person you met at the bar: :iconaltairsky: Why, hello there, random person! :XD:

11. Your Rival: :iconthe-almighty-muffin: NOOOOOO NOT RIVALS! I refuse. 

12. Gave you your first kiss: :iconbuttsensei: HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

13. Drunk and singing karaoke with: :iconobelis: Knowing how much alcohol affects you, I can assume we will get through one song before you are out :XD:

14. Played 7 minutes in heaven with: :iconvivyi: Oh my!! Tomoyo Blushing Icon haha we'll just sit and draw for 7 minutes c:

15. Gave you your favorite dessert: :iconuniverse-b-official: DUDE YES! Cheesecake!

Do this if you want! 

I got tagged for this a long time ago and just remembered it!


  1. Your Principal :iconmissmagicgirl: Yay!! You wouldn't be a harsh principal! :D
  2. The Pretty Girl :iconvivyi: THIS ONE IS SO ACCURATE!!
  3. Your Bully :iconcarnivoroushorse: The utter betrayal. 
  4. The Nerd That Says Stuff You Don't Understand :iconaltairsky: You so much smarter than me! ;__;
  5. Your Crush :iconobelis:  :iconlazeplz:
  6. Your Homeroom Teacher :iconrakrila: YES! Party every day!!!
  7. Your Creepy Stalker :iconbuttsensei: *hides under my desk* I swear, your icon makes this one so funny :XD:
  8. Your Mom Who Hates The School System :iconinkspecter: WE CAN ONLY FIGHT THE AUTHORITIES FOR SO LONG!
  9. Your Dad Who Is Too Serious About Grades :iconcoconutskull: I'm sorry about the B, Dad ;__;
  10. Your Favourite Teacher :iconlostandfounding: What are we learning about today??
  11. Your Least Favourite Teacher :iconnokoyo: noooo!! I'm sure I'd love your class!
  12. Your BFF that you Love and Hate :iconcuriousdoodler: Aww nooo! No hatred!!

I tag everyone! I am a dummy! 
A while ago, my friend :iconobelis: made a personality test for her comic, and at the request of :iconbuttsensei:, with Obelis' help, I made my own today, featuring the characters from my comic! La la la la 

I hope it works! I'm not very good with technology Sweating a little... Let me know if it doesn't and I'll struggle to fix it :XD:

Take the quiz here and tell me who you get! :D…
Well, I have been convinced to do a Q and A with the characters from my ongoing comic The Great Guardian Ozriel! I just reached the 100th page, so now seems like the perfect time :)

Please ask any questions below, and I will draw the characters answering them as best as I can :D Ask as many questions as you want and ask whatever you want (within reason, of course, I think you know what limits would be :XD:) You can ask the same character multiple questions or you can ask multiple characters different questions ~ basically whatever :D 

And of course you can come back and post more questions later if you think of them later on ~

Anyone else??

I will probably just draw these whenever I get a chance, so ask away! :D It should be fun :aww:
I've gotten tagged for this like three times, so I'm finally doing it!

RULES: Pick 15 people (friends or not) and put them in the randomizing box in the link below! Then put them on this list in the order they are randomized. Use:

Tag: If you're in this, I tag you! I know some of you have already done it, so you don't have to do it again obviously. Have fun! And don't take any of this seriously haha

Your groom/bride: :iconrakrila:

Your best man: :iconmoonmute:
I think you would actually be a perfect best man, honestly! :D

The ring bearer: :iconoracledk:
Are you up for this great honor?

The flower girl: :iconobelis:

The wedding planner: :iconcarnivoroushorse:
This is going to be one crazy wedding @_@

The priest: :iconaltairsky:
I just had a vision of Altair from your comic as the priest: "Can we hurry this up please?" :XD:

The bride's maid: :iconvivyi:
I'm sure you would make a lovely bride's maid :aww:

The chef: :iconmissmagicgirl:

The father-in-law: :iconifdeathhadacat:
I'm sure you're a very proud father :XD: This one is hilarious hahaha

The overly-joyed crying mother-in-law: :iconbuttsensei:

The jealous one: :icongoldelocks:
Bahahaha, don't worry, your wedding will come someday XD

The wedding crasher: :iconshadow2k:'re so nice D:

The photographer: :iconspectralheart:
Be sure to get my good side!

The person whose wedding I'm jealous of: :iconriphy:
Ahahaha, you and your glorious weddings, making me jealous!

The person who's only here for the cake: :iconlostandfounding:
I'm not surprised by this one at all :XD: :D

Hi, everyone. I just felt the need to send out a formal message thanking everyone who has supported me, talked with me, or has been a great friend to me on here. I feel like I haven't properly thanked you all in a while and I never want you to feel that I am ungrateful Heart 

And I also want to thank and welcome all newcomers! I'm looking forward to getting to know you all, and your support means so much to me. I appreciate all the wonderful people I've met on here for making this experience so positive, and I appreciate all the amazing artists who spend their time making something beautiful to share with the world. 

Lately I've felt a lot of negativity, sadness, and hostility in the world. I just wanted you all to know how happy it makes me to come onto my page and see all of you, from all over the world, coming together, sharing art, and talking with me. It makes me so happy.

Thank you Heart 

And for those of you who don't really know me yet, I can be very sentimental --- and for that, I'm sorry!
For the new year, I thought I'd just share some updates with you guys ~ First, welcome to any new watchers! Thanks for being here, and feel free to talk with me anytime :)

A lot has happened over the past year, and 2017 will certainly be a very important year. I am both excited and completely terrified. In May I will graduate and I almost can't believe it. I have no idea where I'll be next year, but here's hoping everything works out the way it's supposed to! :D 

Also, it's officially been a year since I had my pre-cancer removed Dance! Soon I'll know if I have to get surgery . . . I hope not, but it might be necessary ~ 

And some exciting news! I'm about to reach 100 pages of my webcomic on here! I never thought I'd be able to do it, much less that anyone would actually read it. So thank you, thank you, thank you to anyone who reads/comments/favs my work! You guys make it all great fun, and I appreciate you all so much!

Onward to the new year, and let's hope it brings us all great joy! Hug 
Jaydax got tagged twice today for this one, so here it is :D

1. Post these rules.
2. Post 8 facts about your character.
3. Tag 8 other characters.
4. Post their names along with their creators' avatars

Ink by Summer-Peaches  Smile, Jaydax! by Summer-Peaches

1. Jaydax not only has the ability to control ink, but he can also make anything (including himself) invisible! La la la la This power was given to him by his old work partner ^^
2. He is constantly torn between his love for Ozriel and his loyalty to his homeland, Vulnus. This makes him very cowardly, which is his biggest flaw. 
3. Even though he was the top of his class, he eventually dropped out of school after Ozriel left. 
4. His first work partner died and was replaced by Ark.   
5. In his free time, Jaydax enjoys reading/writing poetry Heart 
6. He has helped Ignis through her injury more than anyone else. 
7. Jaydax is probably the most naturally skilled character in the comic (that has been introduced so far ^^)
8. He's also one of the moodiest XD 

Can't say too much because I don't want spoilers, but hope you enjoyed this :happybounce: 

I'm also not sure who all has already done this tag, so if you see this and want to do it, just pick your favorite OC and go for it I am a dummy! 
In addition to the "Stupid Things I've Done" journal I made a while ago. This will be a bit long, but I hope you enjoy some of the things that used to humiliate me! 

-I once accidentally called a real estate agent "Grandpa" and was then so flustered that I just hung up the phone and never spoke to him again

-One time in elementary school I wrote a poem I was really proud of, but I saw the teacher making a weird expression as she read it. I was really confused when she told me not to use vulgar language in school. (I was only in third grade!) I looked back at my poem and instead of writing "bright as stars" in one line, I had accidentally written "bright ass stars" @_@

-Once in middle school my backpack got hooked on a fire extinguisher hanging on the wall and it was so heavy I fell completely into the lost and found box and couldn't get out

-Once a long time ago, I was playing hide-and-seek with a friend and we were trapped tightly together in a really small closet, hiding. Suddenly I felt something wet all over me and I realized she had accidentally urinated all over me . . . we were both horribly embarrassed and I don't think we ever really talked again after that

-At a piano recital where I was playing a duet with another person, we somehow managed to miss every note and play two completely different parts at the same time in front of our audience. We were both whispering to each other in panic and embarrassment the whole time, trying to get back together

-One time in gym class I didn't realize there was a hole in my pocket, and so as I ran I accidentally dropped everything I was carrying all around the track. And I was carrying very humiliating stuff that day ... ah I can still barely think about that!

-Once in high school I had to carry our huge cafeteria tables into the gym to prepare for our homecoming dance. I actually have pretty strong arms, but for some reason I was struggling so much with those tables. People offered to help me, but I decided to be tough and do it all on my own. After I managed to finally drag one up the stairs, I leaned against the wall to catch my breath and realized I had leaned in a huge wad of STILL WARM, STILL WET gum. It was completely embedded in my arm hair and I still had to finish the tables ;___; By the time I was done, I was covered in bruises AND gum

-During a scoliosis exam, I leaned forward (I wasn't wearing a belt that day) and my pants completely fell all the way down. I couldn't even face the woman doing the exam and she just said, "let's ignore that"

-And during a vision exam, I accidentally poked myself in the eye with the thing you cover your eye with, so my vision was completely blurry and I missed every single one, even the giant letters

-and many, many more @_@

Feel free to share your own or make your own journal :D These things are funnier than you realize, looking back!! :) 

I was tagged by :iconobelis:

1. You have to post ALL the Rules.
2. You CAN'T say you don't do tags. 
3. You have to legitimately tag 13 people.
4. You can do tag Backs
5. Be Creative with the title no I GOT TAGGED things.
6. You Will have to make a journal entry. Don't do it in the comments unless you are talking about the Q and A.
7. 13+ people will have to answer the question you ask them
8. Make at least 13 or more questions.
9. If you don't finish in the timeline of a week you will have to do something that they say like draw them art. I'm not playing by these rules haha. No pressure on anyone.
10. most important of all.. Have Fun! =3

My answers to her questions

1. What was the thing you believed in when you were a child, but it turned out to be completely false?

2. What was the most recent night dream you experienced?
Last night I dreamed that I was taking a detective fiction course with one of my old high school teachers and she was making me read passages in Greek to the class and taking off points for every word I mispronounced. :')

3. If you became an immortal person with powers of transforming into animals, and the next day World War  started and atomic bombs were thrown on all major cities, and civilization fell, what would you do?
Well, I guess I would use my animal powers to transform into a dog or something that could sniff out other survivors. Then I would try to use my powers to keep them safe somehow.

4. Have you ever held a wild bird in your hands?
I don’t believe so, but I have helped catch one in a box before!

5. Last book you read and impression of it?
Gaudy Night by Dorothy Sayers. It’s a mystery book and I guessed the culprit wrong. But it was an okay book. 

6. Was 2016 the worst year ever or not?
2016 was not the best year, but it wasn't the worst, either.

7. Do you say "thank you" to cashiers?
If I’m shopping alone, yes. If I'm with someone else, I usually let them say it XD

8. What was the first computer game you ever played?
I used to have this Sesame Street computer game that I loved. It had really good music! 

9. How old is the oldest art supply that you still have? 
I have no idea, probably some old sketchbook or something. 

10. Have you talked to a person from every continent, except Antarctic? (online or ILR, doesn't matter)
I know I have talked to people in North America, South America, Europe, Asia, and Australia . . . Let me know if you’re African! :D

11. Have you ever made linden tea from scratch (starting from picking linden blossoms in summer, then drying them out, and making tea)?
I can’t stand the taste of tea. 

12. What was the last meal you made?
Pasta! Well, I helped make it XD

13. How many people whose names start with M do you know?
Too many to count :’)

My Questions To You

I tag . . . everyone who is watching me! I worked hard to make my questions interesting, so I hope at least a few of you decide to answer them
1. What’s one thing people say to you a lot? For example, people always tell me I look sad because I have big eyes.
2.Would you jump into the water to save a stranger from a shark?
3. What’s one thing you’re really hoping you receive as a gift for the holiday season? If you don’t celebrate, just name something you really want.
4. If you were in an apocalyptic situation with a group of other people, which one would you be --- the planner, the fighter, the coward, the one who gets killed first, the loner, or the traitor who breaks off from the group? Or something else?
5. If you had the opportunity to receive one answer about your future, what question would you ask?
6. Do you believe that being evil is a choice or that some people are just born evil?
7. Have you ever gotten seriously lost? If so, where and how? 
8. Would you press a button that would give you everything you ever wanted for the rest of your life, knowing that someone somewhere would lose everything he/she had?
9. What’s your favorite word?
10. If you had to choose a color to represent yourself, which color would you pick? Don’t just pick your favorite!
11. What’s one memory you will always cherish?
12. What quality do you admire the most in other people?
13. Who’s one person you can’t imagine not having in your life? 

Have fun! I am a dummy!